Two new algorithms discovered

Our algorithm researchers have discovered two types of slipstream algorithms (SLA). The simple slipstream algorithm (algoritmus ventus umbra simplex) appears when one horse is in the slipstream of exactly one other horse, while the more rarely occurring double slipstream algorithm (algoritmus ventus umbra duplex) requires the simultaneous slipstream of two horses.

Although scientifically not correct, in English-speaking countries the slipstream algorithm is sometimes also called algoritmus subligar fluvius.

The first use of these algorithms is planned for GaloppSim Version 148.90

Hoof Print Analysis

The Hoof Print Analysis (HPA) developed at MIG is typically used when the hover phase of horses is to be examined, i.e. how far a horse advances per step.

Use cases could be, for example, research on new horse racing simulation algorithms or the investigation of interdependencies in algorithm combinations or combined algorithms.