Spectator character discovered!

Thanks to the attentive gaze of the director of the institute on the verge of a test race the character sign which is needed for the rendering of spectators was discovered. It had been hidden in the Latin alphabet between the lowercase letters h and j. For more than 2700 years it executed only easy jobs in words and phrases, often as a vowel for stretching words or to scare someone, but without to fulfil its actual task: spectating. The  discovery was already made in August by Marco Matjes, but it took severeal weeks of observing the character until the specialists at the institute were sure they have identified the correct character.

The spectator character can either stand or sit and it can represent different spectator ages. Where previously an enormous effort was necessary, developers can now simply take the ready-for-use spectator character straight out of the box. Game developers will be thrilled.

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