Racing horse run up

A few days ago the MIG paddock was visited by a cold-blooded horse who, according to his own statements, fled Brexit at the last moment, hopped from the British Isles, slipped through the English Channel, swam along Friesland and up the Elbe from Cuxhaven to find a new shed.

It is a specimen of the rare Giant Nosehorse (caballus nasus colossiaeus). The newcomer with the name Schalk im Nacken got a sleeping box in the stable with the other four MIG horses and was immediately registered for the Corona Cup 2021. Schalk im Nacken (short: Sin!) Is the only participant of the MIG for the race day on 21 February. The other horses are happy that they don’t have to go out in this bitter cold.

It´s a sin, and in the background snow.