The MIG is always looking for motivated staff! We cultivate an open culture, have fun and a lot to do. Have we sparked your interest? You want to become part of our team? Then send your application to

Algorithm Developer (male/female/various) h.c.

Without the power of algorithms, nothing works today. And racing is also in constant motion. You are 100% reliable and discreet and you are willing to change your name and give up your identity? As part of the A-Team you develop new algorithms, optimize existing and analyse third-party algorithms. Logical thinking is exactly your thing? Mathematics works that way, but the rule of three is at least your friend? Fits. Programming skills are not necessary here, but also no disadvantage. What are you waiting for? Turn off the lights and join us in the A-Lab. Always half a horse ahead!

GaloppSim Consultant (male/female/various) h.c.

Our successful spin-off is looking for consultants throughout Europe. You are serious, wear smart casual and have a subtle sense of humour? Perfect! We let you go on our customers!

UX Tester (male/female/various) h.c.

Simple handling of complex tools is no contradiction for you? You test tools from the user’s point of view and help us to increase the user experience with every little improvement suggestion. That is fun!

Code Reviewer (male/female/various) h.c.

No code is so good that it could not be improved. Your goal is to optimize existing code. Performance optimization, debugging and annotation are just some of your tasks. You enjoy clean and beautiful code? Then you are exactly right with us!

Translator (male/female/various) h.c.

We already speak German, English and Bulgarian. However, GaloppSim should also be available in Dutch, Russian, Spanish, French and Latin. Do you speak one of these languages fluently, do you know the horse racing language or can you adopt them and do you have a good sense of humour? Come on and translate the text modules of the Excel horse racing simulator using a template that we provide you with. Dawaj!

Influencer (male/female/various) h.c.

People listen to you? What you say arrives? You are going viral? Then come and catapult us and our products to a new level!

Marketing Manager (male/female/various) h.c.

Your main task is to market the GaloppSim billboards. Meter against donation. For a good cause.

Advertising Copywriter (male/female/various) h.c.

More races – more advertising. It’s that simple. The GaloppSim advertising banner is exactly 11 pixels high. A challenge! Use your imagination and the ADVeditor tool.

Race engineer (male/female/various) h.c.

The delivered GaloppSim races are not enough for you? Then create exciting scenarios for the next release. New racetracks, starterfields, betting odds … and then go on with the fine tuning. For the perfect racing experience.